Mobilizing faith-based communities around responsible stewardship practices involves the following three focus areas.

Promoting Energy Conservation →

Establishing Community Gardens →

Spirituality & Environment →

Building on the award-winning achievements of Earthkeepers I (2004-2009), Earthkeepers II is a collaborative effort between ten faith traditions, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Forest Service, and the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community.


  • 40 Audits / 34 Projects
  • 158,000 kWh savings per year based on measures installed and hours of use
  • 300,000 lbs. of pollution prevented annually
  • 1927 mg (4.24 lbs) of Mercury prevented annually
  • Anticipated lifespan of measures installed: 10 years

Kyra Lane Ziomkowski, of the Cedar Tree Institute, a nonprofit organization which provides services and initiates projects in the areas of mental health, religion, and the environment, is coordinating the Initiative.